Nuvea suite ©

Nuvea ©

Nuvea© is a services suite that enables you to optimize the operations and costs of your business, leveraging on the yield management of your ICT infrastructures from Edge (NuveaDaaS©) to Data center (NuveaPaaS©).
It aims to simplify day to day operations by its integrated architecture and all-in-one monitoring cockpit, includes a wide range of features that cover all aspects of supervision and monitoring, provides you with useful support and information to make quick decisions and will enable you to spare money.
Beyond that NuveaPaaS© is designed to help you move forward to a future Multiple Service Provider business model and generate additional revenues by a few clicks.


NuveaPaaS is a cutting edge DCMS (Data Center Management System) platform that enables you monitor and optimize by a click, your DC sites wherever located.
Its architecture is modular and adaptive to your context and will help you reconcile the management of facilities and operations into a single performance management system.
NuveaPaaS includes all technical and management components required to reach a high level of performance : BMS, CMMS, Security and safety components, a Digital Twin, a CRM, a marketplace … It provides an all-in-one cockpit and a complete set of features that will facilitate your day to day operations while saving time and costs.

Finally, NuveaPaaS can help you generate additional revenue, by offering to expand your service base through the implementation of online service catalogs exposed via the marketplace and their availability online.

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Formerly known as DotRiver, our virtual working environment returns as NuveaDaaS with a whole new look and new features. You will obviously find all the features that made it successful: Security of your computer, and of your access, Control of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your workstations, Green-IT, eco-ICT, Collaboration (teleworking, mobility in native mode), Free software, Open Source, open formats

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We develop technologies that allow you to create a competitive advantage by exploiting your data in the best way. Taking advantage of its data, often requires a work of prior accompaniment depending on the context of each client. These consultancy missions require the intervention of specific expertise that we offer through our consultants. In the context of more comprehensive approaches, require multi-disciplinary teams, we rely on our network of worldwide leading partners.

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