New Gen's DNA

A trustworthy partner for you

The huge development of ICT represents an opportunity to grow your business.

You need a trustworthy tech partner enabling you to leverage on ICT infrastructures and operations in order to create a sustainable competitive edge?

NewGen is a new Deep & Green tech company which technologies will help you perform while reducing the costs of your value chain, from Front-End (Virtual Desktop) to Back-End (data center optimization).

New Gen's Talents

And Ambition as its motor

We aim to be a leading player in the realm of disruptive technologies in order to provide high value to our clients.

To do so we can rely on our top skilled people at every level of our organization.

New Gen's Innovations

Avec l'innovation au cœur de son ADN

New Generation SR is an innovative company, with its own research team and its own intellectual property. Innovation is at the heart of our business model. To do this, we have built a relevant R&D strategy:

  • Rely on scientific work which testifies to the robustness of our technology. To do this, we have developed a renewable 3-year scientific partnership with INRIA and ENS Lyon.
  • Publish and be recognized by trusted third parties and / or peers who will accredit our work: they have given rise to several international scientific publications awarded at meetings.
  • Market technologies accredited by this reputation.
  • Set up an ecosystem of prescribers / promoters