NuveaPaaS is a cutting edge DCMS (Data Center Management System) platform that enables you monitor and optimize by a click, your DC sites wherever located.
Its architecture is modular and adaptive to your context and will help you reconcile the management of facilities and operations into a single performance management system.
NuveaPaaS includes all technical and management components required to reach a high level of performance : BMS, CMMS, Security and safety components, a Digital Twin, a CRM, a marketplace … It provides an all-in-one cockpit and a complete set of features that will facilitate your day to day operations while saving time and costs.

Finally, NuveaPaaS can help you generate additional revenue, by offering to expand your service base through the implementation of online service catalogs exposed via the marketplace and their availability online.

Who is NuveaPaaS designed for?

NuveaPaaS © is designed to transform and enhance ICT infrastructures management is such a way that it brings yield for the plurality of stakeholders involved in the service delivery value chain from Cloud to Edge : Colos, DC operators, ICT Infrastructure managers, Chief Information Officers, Cloud service providers…
NuveaPaaS © is valuable if you are in one or several of the following situations : Cost killing ; Search of additional revenues ; Optimization of operations ;Transformation of Capex into Opex…
One of the main challenge we see that the Colos (colocation service providers) have to cope with is to evolve from a hosting business model to a Multiple Service provider business model. NUVEA PaaS is a Plug and play platform that will enable you to quickly develop or enlarge your service base including your and others services. The platform’s online service catalog and market place will enable you to provide your clients with new services and thus generate additional revenues by a few clicks DC operators and ICT Infrastructure managers, seeking for cost savings and optimization of their critical facilities and IT room infrastructures, will monitor performance and SLA KPIs through their customized dashboards and report seamlessly to their clients. Chief Information Officers and Cloud service providers will optimize their data and application load balancing thanks for our AI algorithms that supply thorough analysis of resources allocation and predictiveness for improvement of the security and the service level.


Why you might need NuveaPaaS?

NuveaPaaS is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any prerequisites for its implementation. Among many benefits it offers :

  • Features designed to save costs : a unique COCKPIT from which you can operate ; web portals that grant you and your clients a secured access to the platform and simplified dialog
  • Features designed to optimize operations management : a 3D-digital twin enabling you and your clients to anticipate, plan and carry out inventories, operations such as commissioning ecommissioning, Capacity management, planification, Urbanization of It rooms and real time simulations ; real time and customizable dashboards ; full automation of alarming and ticketing ; end-to-end workflow management of business processes; multi-site monitoring
  • Features designed to generate additional revenues : online catalogs, a Market place that will facilitate the purchase process
  • Here are some of the features and the main benefits you can take advantage of : Full and unlimited on line service catalogs and market place You may add, change, delete services and products and make it immediately available to your customers in a few clicks. You may also promote and notify your customers! Full BMS
    NUVEA PaaS hosts a full BMS but we are happy to adapt to your context and integrate your tools as well, through our APIs ! Our BMS will allow you to manage the overall technical dimensions of your critical infrastructures such as : sensors (PDUs, temperature, humidity …), cooling equipment, Air handlers, power and soft meters, DC equipment, Circuit monitoring … and also capacity management, alarming, ticketing and recovery processes …

    Full Security and safety system (SSS) NUVEA PaaS hosts a full SSS but we are happy to adapt to your context and integrate your tools as well, through our APIs ! Our SSS will allow you to manage the overall security and safety dimensions of your DC : Complete situational intelligence When operators lack focus, mistakes can occur. By combining incident filters, response procedures, and real-time updates, we provide the context that enables a clear course of action. Proactive operational planning Without a comprehensive strategy in place, unexpected events can disrupt your operations. Our role-based incident response planning and maintenance scheduling allow you to anticipate for any contingency and proactively assign resources Collaboration decision management across silos Whether you are managing camera maintenance or an emergency evacuation, multiple teams can share tasks and updates on the same incident to ensure a coordinated resolution. Intuitive user interface Integrated systems tend to reveal the complexity of their underlying architecture through their interface. With Mission Control’s unified approach, the user experience is intuitive and consistent. Comprehensive auditing Whether operating in a regulated industry or in compliance with corporate policies, we provide system activity logs and a complete suite of reports for full transparency during audits and investigations. Increased staff efficiency Routine tasks and false alarms can be disruptive. Allow your staff to contribute to more complex assignments and improve your operational efficiency with automated workflows.