Why Partner with Us?

We believe that value creation is the result of collective work, which is why we have created a unique ecosystem of partners that we invite you to join. We design technologies and we need partners to commercialize our offers to strengthen our R&D to speed up our technological roadmap with the promise of a quick return on investment. Our value proposition allows your customers to immediately benefit from a significant and measurable financial impact while you monetize our technologies, in order to generate additional revenues and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Commercial Partners

You are an integrator, publisher, service and technology provider and you are looking for a quick and efficient leverage to generate additional revenue and differentiate yourself like HPE or CGI? NuveaPaaS and NuveaDaaS are \"on the shelf\" technologies that complement your service offering and integrate into your technology base to create more value for your end customers. NuveaPaaS is interoperable with most of the tools on the market (VMWARE, DCIM ...), does not require specific technical prerequisites and can be distributed through a client portal in SaaS mode to your end customers. NuveaDaaS is an Open-source-based technology aiming at integrating all the tools needed for a client friendly unified work environment: office automation, messaging, collaboration, mobility ... DotRiver is provided as a managed service on Premise, on Cloud and can be distributed through a client portal in SaaS mode to your end customers.

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Scientific Partners

You are a lab, researcher, student... looking for a partner with real ambition in one of the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Data-Science, Environmental Technologies...

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Financial Partners

Are you an investor looking for a low-risk investment with a strong return on the new technology market?

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